Wheelies With Wings back in the air in 2017 in Temora


This wonderful charity managed to fund another awesome Wheelies With Wings course for 3 deserving applicant winners in May 2017.


What is the course all about?

The Wheelies With Wings course is an two-week scholarship that helps people with a disability to learn to fly a plane.

Merit Aviation has been helping the Wheelies With Wings charity for almost a decade, and we are very privileged to be able to give these people access to the joys of flying.

This years student applicant winners


The three students on this course were Nate Greenfield from Sydney, Josh Potts from Hobart and Simon Zondervan from Bungendore.

None of the guys had been flying before and were quite apprehensive about what was to come. I met the three students after flying to Temora from Moruya, getting a great picture of Canberra on the way over.


The mighty Foxbat

ThisĀ is the plane we use for the courses, with a specially modified control that operated the rudder by hand. It was developed by the Aeroprakt factory at our request to allow people with a disability to fly without using their feet.


What’s involved?

Each course takes the students through a normal syllabus of lessons covering all of the sequences to become a pilot. We start with the effects of controls, where each student learns what each control does and how it effects the aircraft in flight. We then move on to Straight and Level, Climbing and Descending, Turning and Stalling before taking them into the Circuit to practice taking off and landing.


During the initial exercises we got to see some amazing scenery like this stubble burn-off that created its own cloud.


Everyone had a wonderful time and the weather was perfect for the whole time. We were lucky to see a wonderful array of aircraft during the course. The Temora Aviation Museum even put on a full display on the weekend.

I am very lucky to be able to share these great moments with these people, and I look forward to the next time. To ensure we can continue to work with Wheelie With Wings they need your support. To donate to this awesome charity visit their website.