Saturday luncheon – flying fritters served from 12:30


We starting up a new tradition at Merit Aviation… Saturday lunch. Nom, nom, nom.
Fly in and get fed for just 10 bucks! (that’s $10 for you city folk). Everyone is welcome!


We’re going to try and put a Saturday luncheon on every weekend. Well, every weekend that we are here in Moruya! We’ll keep Facebook events updated so that you know when they are on and of course we’ll let you know via our regular email newsletter (give us your email if you aren’t on the list and we’ll add you!). So the first lunch is Saturday, 7 November and we’ll be serving corn fritters with tomato chutney and crispy bacon. RSVP via Facebook if you think you can make it. Bring friends and family and we’ll make a ‘flying-fritter’ day of it.