Out with the old, in with the new Foxbat


If you haven’t been out to the Moruya Airport since March then you may not have seen our new Foxbat. In March we sold dear old 7877 and bought 8516! 8516 has a built in digital display Dynon SkyView, just like the other Foxbat we have, “8589”, but the display is just a little bit smaller. It also has included a mounted iPad so you can use OzRunways if you would like to take our new Foxbat for a nav some time! So come take her for a spin… she still has that new plane smell!


New Foxbat 8516 on the left above, and we wave bye-bye to 7877 on the right above!

This is Nick Humphris who bought our lovely 7877. Hope you’re enjoying her Nick!