Meet Bella – the flying dog sporting her Mutt Muffs


If you are a regular to Moruya Airport then you would have no doubt met Bella. She is one of the resident doggies at SkyDive Oz and owner Bec takes her on many flying adventures. Now she’s not a big burley dog by any stretch of the imagination so I wondered how she went with flying all around the country in a noisy cockpit. That kind of noise would freak out even the most mucho looking doggie let along a petit, little terrier like Bella. Owner Bec puts Bella’s love of flying down to Mutt Muffs. A brilliant little invention that blocks out about 60% of cockpit noise for dogs.


But don’t take Bec’s word for it, here is what Mutt Muffs say:

“The inner foam that Mutt Muffs uses is the exact same ester resin foam that is used in many high end commercial head sets designed for humans.  Based on the materials used, the estimated decibel reduction is between 25 and 28, assuming proper fit and a good seal against your pup’s head.  That’s 25-28 dB reduction in the human hearing range of 20,000 cycles per second, which is the only range that we have data for.  Our canine friends can hear much higher frequencies (in the range of 43,000 cycles per second).  As the frequency goes up, so does the effectiveness of Mutt Muffs, simply because the higher the frequency is, the more easily it is absorbed.  Therefore, Mutt Muffs are especially effective at protecting against the high frequency wind whistles and shrieks we humans cannot even hear. There is another factor that comes into play as well.  The dog’s own ear flaps are down and covering the ear canal, providing yet another layer of protection, better even than placing your hands over your own ears.”

As Bec points out though, don’t be thinking you can just pop these onto your doggie and job done. Nope, first you have to get them in the plane and get flying (with all that horrible noise in the background) and then you need to pop them on her. When they have them on and hear the difference, then is is easy street from then on. They are now happy flying puppies.

Bec discovered Mutt Muffs when she and hubby were in OshKosh Airshow this year. But don’t worry, you don’t have to attend yet another awesome airshow to get your own Mutt Muffs – you can of course buy them online. They come in 5 different sizes and 4 different colours and range from $55-58 US monies.

Please share your photos with us on Facebook of your new Mutt Muffs if indeed you do get some for your flying pooch. And enjoy the gallery of other flying Mutt Muffs below.