Trial Instructional Flight

With our hot learn to fly summer special, taking the first step into aviation is easier than you might think. You may have been thinking that learning to fly is only for the rich and famous – well it’s more attainable than you think. But the best way to know if flying is for you is to come and have a Trial Instructional Flight with us (also known as a TIF). PLUS a TIF is a no-obligation first lesson!

You’ll have a brief introduction to the aircraft and how it its controlled in order for you to fly it, and then you’ll be taken up over the beautiful Moruya area and NSW South Coast. Once in the air your instructor will hand over the controls and let you experience what it is really like to fly for yourself. It’s a first experience that every pilot remembers!

Once you have experienced the initial exhilaration of flying we think you will be hooked. But don’t take our word for it. Come and have a go!

For your TIF you will receive:

  • 30-min flight

    We’ll take off and fly up over the beautiful coast where you will then take over and move the aircraft about its 3 axes: pitching, rolling and yawing the aircraft and experiencing hands-on what it would be like to pilot your own light aircraft.

The cost below is with one of our instructors in a Foxbat.

  • 30-min flight in Foxbat $99
  • TOTAL $99

* If you prefer a different aircraft then let us know as the cost may vary slightly.

Starter program

If you want to get a little bit more flying experience than a TIF but aren’t completely ready to commit to a full course, then perhaps our starter program will work for you.

It’s a short program of the first 5 lessons in the syllabus – and you’ll learn all the initial flying theory you need to set you up with a good flying foundation.

Each lesson can be recorded in your logbook and these hours are counted towards a Recreational Pilot License or RA Aus Recreational Pilot Certificate, a Private Pilot Licence and a Commercial Pilot Licence.

The 5 briefings and flying lessons include the following:

  • Effects of Control – getting to know your aircraft.

    You’ll learn about all the control surfaces and how they are manipulated to move the aircraft around it’s three axes. You’ll learn how to speed up, slow down and also learn about all the knobs and buttons within the cockpit and what they all do.

  • Straight & Level

    Sounds simpler than you think but flying the plane in straight level takes skill and practice and it’s important for students to master as you’ll spend 90% of your time flying in a straight and level configuration.

  • Climbing & Descending

    This flying lesson is actually two briefs and one flight. In the briefing you’ll learn about the forces on an aircraft and what forces are responsible for making an aircraft climb or descend… and it’s probably not the one you’re thinking of right now.

  • Turning

    Of course you’ll learn how to turn… but we’ll teach you how to achieve certain types of turns for different situations. And again you’ll learn about the aerodynamics in a turn and how the aerodynamics affect the way the aircraft handles.

  • Stalling

    Sounds scary. It really isn’t. In the stalling lesson you’ll learn in more detail what it means to stall an aircraft. And it’s not the engine cutting out. Then you’ll have the opportunity to practice with your instructor. This will possibly be the flying lesson that is the most fun!

The cost below is for 1 instructor and you will be flying in a Foxbat.

  • 6 x 1hr theory briefings $330
  • 5 x 1hr flights in Foxbat $1,195
  • TOTAL $1,525

* * If you prefer a different aircraft then let us know as the cost may vary slightly.

Going solo short course

Your first solo is a major flying milestone for all pilots. Most of us have it written in red in our logbooks! We all remember that moment perfectly no matter how much flying we’ve done since… and you will too.

Merit Aviation have created a program to help you “go solo” – you’ll receive expert instruction in flying theory, airmanship, flying skills and good communication. If flying an aircraft solo is on your “must-do-in-my-lifetime-list” then we can help make that dream a reality.

Your first solo will put into practice all the fundamentals that you will learn during the course. And once you’ve mastered them you’ll be ready to solo.

  • Effects of Controls
  • Straight and Level
  • Climbing and Descending
  • Turning
  • Stalling
  • Introduction to Circuits
  • Circuits
  • Flapless Circuits and Go-Arounds
  • Circuit Emergencies
  • Pre Solo Check Flight
  • Aviation Reference Number (ARN) or RA Aus Membership*
  • Recreational Aviation Medical Certificate or Drivers License Medical
  • 14 yrs minimum age to start**


*Required before flying solo
**First Solo cannot happen before your 15th Birthday

  • RA Aus temporary membership
  • Ground theory manual
  • Flight training manual
  • Pilots logbook
  • Pre-licence and flight radio exam

The cost below is for 1 instructor and you will be flying in a Foxbat.

  • 8 hrs of theory briefings $440
  • 14 hrs dual flights $3,346
  • 1 hr supervised solo flight $239
  • Theory manuals & logbook $240
  • TOTAL $4,265

* Apply a 5% discount to the above package when you pay for the course before you start.

* If you prefer a different aircraft then let us know as the cost may vary slightly.

* Hours listed are based on minimum requirements, students will be charged at standard rate for additional training time required to meet proficiency standards. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Private hire

We offer hire of any aircraft in our fleet if you already have your RA Aus Recreational Pilot Certificate, Recreational Pilot License, Private Pilot License or Commercial Pilot License. You will need to be recent and have the qualifications needed to hire the particular aircraft type.

If you need to get current and then hire the aeroplane, one of our instructors can come up with you for a short flight and then you can take the plane at the solo rate. To view our dual and solo hire rates check out our fleet.

Buy a voucher

If you know someone that wants to learn to fly and has it on their bucket list then give them the nudge they need to make the first step with a Trial Instructional Flight gift voucher. It’s a birthday gift they will never forget! Or if you have a special occasion that you want to celebrate over the coast of beautiful Moruya and Batemans Bay then a voucher for you and a friend makes a pretty awesome surprise. Let us know what you are thinking and we can help plan the perfect flight.