Learn to fly in Moruya – along the glorious coast and beyond


When you learn to fly in Moruya you have on your doorstep some pretty amazing destinations to fly to. One such training flight (scenic flight) was with Merit Aviation student Mike Webb in January, where Mike planned a navigational flight out of Moruya to Bombala – Kaan River – Mallacoota – Gabo Island – Eden – Merimbula – then home to Moruya.


It was a beautiful day on the NSW South Coast and made for perfect flying conditions.


The highlight of this flight for me was the 2 orbits that Mike did low level (500 ft) around Gabo Island. It is a very small island with a picturesque lighthouse on the edge and has a very tempting runway right though the middle of the island that non-approved pilots are forbidden to land on. Such a waste of a beautiful runway. It was just calling out for us to land on it. But we did the right thing and resisted – and instead took a load of photos.

825-Blog-MikeWebb-GaboIslandRWY 825-Blog-MikeWebb-GaboIsland

Hopefully the island won’t be the forbidden fruit of landing areas forever. I’ll keep you posted if it becomes available for us to land there one day. When you start your flight training in Moruya you count yourself lucky that Moruya has such a beautiful airport to learn to fly out of – because the scenery of our coastline and the amazing places to visit within an hours flight don’t get much better.


Our whole nav took about 4 hours… just as Mike had planned, and with a small pit stop in Merimbula for refreshments on the home stretch, the flight was pretty uneventful. i.e. nothing “eventful” happened to us except to say we had a magnificent day and enjoyed some pretty incredible scenery. Thanks Mike for such a lovely flight! I was glad I managed to capture so many great shots for you on your wonderful new camera!