Hanger 76 Temora – flying instruction for the boys & a rocket

Hanger 76 boys waiting for their plane to come back

On a recent training trip to Temora, there were a few great experiences.

The week started with Claire and I teaching some young pilots in a Cessna 152. Their parents decided to band together to buy a 1979 model Cessna 152 that was been very well looked after. The plane is a wonderful example of the model and is a perfect trainer.

There were 5 boys in Temora with us ranging in age from 14 to 17 and two of them have been solo so far. Will, Chris, Riley, Tommy and Cameron.

The weather was perfect and I was able to send our soloists on their own again, and we were able to advance the others significantly on their way to a licence. Claire presented some excellent briefings that the boys eagerly absorbed (with little to no yawning!). Claire also took the students on lessons to improve their flying skills and experience.


They are a good bunch, and ribbed each other all the time about their landings and anything else they could pick on!
They gave me the nickname of “Sheldog”, which I still don’t get? Anyway, I’m looking forward to the next time we get to fly together.


Between flights with the boys I helped teach a formation course. I was in a Piper Cherokee with Andrew Gilbert and we flew with a BRM Bristell flown by Bob Blain instructed by Nick Wills. These students had not flown formation before so we started right at the beginning with what to look for on the head aircraft and how to hold a position on the lead aircraft’s wing. It is always fun to watch another aircraft flying along when you can see it close up. We started by being a fair distance apart, and as their skills and confidence grew we moved closer in and then started to change positions from right to left side and into line astern. The Temora weather was wonderful to us and Andrew and Bob were able to get into and hold position well over the couple of days we had together. ext time we will practice more turning rejoins and speed changes.


During the week Nick Wills (the other formation instructor) took myself and most of the Hanger 76 Boys up in his “Rocket” – and as you can imagine by the look of it below it does what it says on the box. The flights were a total highlight for me as well as most of the boys from Hanger 76 I think! Claire missed out this time but there is always November – when we are back in Temora for more Hanger 76 training, formation training, and a little airshow called Warbirds Downunder. See you then again Temora… bring the beautiful weather again please.