Multi-Engine / Twin Training & Class Rating

Our twin training provides you with the skills and knowledge required to safely fly a multi-engine aircraft that you can fly in VFR conditions upon completion of your Multi-Engine Class Rating flight test. While each type of multi-engine aircraft is a little different the multi-engine class rating will mean that you can fly any twin that doesn’t require a specific endorsement (although most companies may still want to check you out for insurance purposes!).

Twin training and multi-engine class rating is often the next step after PPL or CPL for anyone wanting to make a life of this flying business!

At Merit Aviation your training will be conducted in a Piper Seneca II-200T. This is a high performance aircraft with turbo engines, retractable undercarriage, CSU, IFR standard avionics and auto-pilot. And once you complete your flight test you will be eligible to hire the aircraft from us privately.

Your initial multi-engine class rating course requires a combination of ground theory and minimum flight training hours.

Minimum requirements & training time

  • Private or Commercial Pilot License (Single Engine)

    You need a minimum amount of experience to add a multi-engine class rating to your license and an RPL isn't enough.

  • Minimum 5 hours dual flying

    The syllabus outlines 5 hours dual but we find students generally need a little more time to adequately manage this more complicated machine, which is why we provide an estimated cost for 7 hours. We also need to fly you to the flight test and so that flight is included in our estimated training time.

Estimated cost below for Multi-Engine Class Rating in a Seneca II-200T.

  • 7 hrs dual flight $4,571
  • 4 hrs ground theory $220
  • TOTAL $4,791

* If you have your own multi-engine aircraft let us know so we can design training around your needs and location.