Canberra Air League boys get licensed and go solo


Just before Christmas we were in Temora again with the Hanger 76 syndicate crew whose growing boys are all part of the Canberra Australian Air League. These guys spend almost every school holidays in Temora at Hanger 76 with myself and Claire as we progress the boys through the building blocks of their flying training in their C152. We spent a week with the boys again towards the end of December (Canberra school holidays) taking them through their training to achieve some pretty awesome goals. Some of the boys have just turned 15 and have been flying since they we able to (so a year or so), and one boy in particular was turning 15 on the Friday of our training week there. You can’t solo before you are 15 so his goal was to solo on his birthday – which he did!


Big congratulations to Chris Brown who gave himself the best birthday present of all – flying solo on his 15th birthday with mum, dad and twin sister Cat all there to watch nervously from the viewing deck. We all enjoyed some birthday cake afterwards.


Also to solo that week was Riley Ironside (also 15) who had been waiting for his CASA medical to arrive from CASA the last time he was in Temora in order to solo (which it didn’t). This time, with medical in hand and all the paperwork done, all Riley had to do was fly like a seasoned pro (which he did) to demonstrate that he could manage the aeroplane safely in order to go solo. He did a brilliant job and also had his dad Bruce watching on nervously from the Hanger 76 viewing platform.


Both boys got an opportunity to do a lot more soloing before the week was out.


And to cap off a great week,  Tommy Pearsall (17) did his Recreational Pilot License flight test, with Lynn Gray in Cowra on the Saturday. Tommy passed both ground theory and flight test with flying colours and now has his RPL … all ready to add a navigation cross country endorsement to … next school holidays! It was a great week for everyone and there were some wonderful milestones achieved in time for Christmas.


And here is the view of the Temora runways from the Hanger 76 viewing deck where all parents and siblings watched on nervously!