Merit Aviation is located at Moruya Airport, on the NSW South Coast

From Canberra

Head east to the coast and away from controlled airspace, where you can learn in a more relaxed environment. Moruya Airport is just 2 and a half hours from Canberra. Commute for the day or stay for a week!

From Sydney

Head south and you’ll find the skies have a lot less traffic and therefore a lot less stress. We are 4 and a half hours from Sydney so you should plan to visit us to do your training in chunks. An awesome way to focus on your flying.

From Bega

We have lots of students from Bega with it being just 2 hours drive away. Flying in Moruya is the best way for land lubbers to enjoy the coast. You’ll have a totally new appreciation of beaches along the NSW south coast.

Our team

Meet our small team of excellent and professional flight instructors. Not to mention good looking!


David Jensen

Grade 3 Flight Instructor

David is a school teacher who has been obsessed with flying since he was a young lad. Like many of us he recently suffered a mid-life crisis and now he has made his obsession with planes a “life choice” and is our new and incredibly knowledgable flight instructor – don’t get him to say “six” though!


Sheldon Jones

CFI & Chief Pilot

Sheldon has flown over 50 types of aircraft and gliders and has more than 7,000 hours in the air. His love affair started as a young fella of just 14 when he passed a glider airfield on his bike on the way to school! After flying thousands of miles of power-lines in a Birddog he decided instructing was his next big flying challenge.


Linn Jones

Office Manager

Linn heads up the administration and will often be the person answering phone calls and meeting people who drop in to the office at Moruya Airport. Linn helps students with making bookings and she ensures all the flying records are kept up to date to make sure you have a smooth learning experience.

Our fleet

Seneca 2 – 200T
Seneca fleet
  • Dual Rate $697/hour
  • Private Hire $583/hour
  • 2 turbo-engines & all leather interior makes this a lovely aircraft for taking the family places. Train & hire with us!

    6 seater
  • Dual Rate $329/hour
  • Private Hire $249/hour
  • A great next step aircraft when you want to add a navigational endorsement. And has 2 door entry.

    4 seater
Foxbat A22
  • Dual Rate $239/hour
  • Private Hire $189/hour
  • We have 2 Foxbats and their great forward and side visibility make them a pleasure to fly over beautiful Moruya.

    2 seater
Cessna 150
  • Dual Rate $259/hour
  • Private Hire $209/hour
  • Our C150 is a wonderful and forgiving training aircraft, with easy to learn cockpit layout – a great starter trainer.

    2 seater
Cessna 172
  • Dual Rate $349/hour
  • Private Hire $309/hour
  • A bigger aircraft that’s perfect to take flying cross country. A good next step from your initial flight training aircraft.

    4 seater
  • Dual Rate $315/hour
  • Private Hire $265/hour
  • Master taxiing, flying and landing a tailwheel aircraft. This aircraft is a great trainer for learning to dance those feet.

    2 seater

Learn to fly from Canberra – just 2 hours from Moruya but a world away of spectacular flying

We get students flying with us from all over the country but the majority would have to be from Canberra. And why wouldn’t they. It’s just a 2 hour drive and they can learn to fly from Canberra over the beautiful South Coast and away from pesky controlled airspace. Plus when our Canberra students come […]

Wheelies With Wings back in the air in 2017 in Temora

This wonderful charity managed to fund another awesome Wheelies With Wings course for 3 deserving applicant winners in May 2017. What is the course all about? The Wheelies With Wings course is an two-week scholarship that helps people with a disability to learn to fly a plane. Merit Aviation has been helping the Wheelies With […]

Past student spotlight

Meet a few of the students that Merit Aviation has taught over the last 10 years… and what they have thought about us!

  • Jack Ward

    CPL Jump Pilot with SkyDive OZ

    Jack started as a young guy of 19 with Merit Aviation and progressed from RPL right through to CPL. He’s worked as the jump pilot with SkyDive Oz (who are the hanger next door) for 2 years and has gained a tremendous amount of experience. He just recently started as a First Officer with Papua Air flying their Dash-8.

  • Ellis Murphy

    Private Pilot License & part aircraft owner

    Like many of our students Ellis was a bit of a late starter. Proving to us and to many out there that it is never to late to learn something new. Ellis joined a syndicate that was building a Jabiru 4 seater aircraft and wanted to learn to fly it. So he helped build the aircraft and we taught him to fly it! Ellis has his PPL now and continues to fly the Jabiru recreationally.

  • Michael Gordon

    Recreational Pilot Certificate – looking for cadetship for CPL

    Michael was a mere 15 years old when he started his aviation trajectory with Merit Aviation. Now 17 and having completed his Recreational Pilot Certificate – Michael is applying for cadetships with the airlines as well as with the armed forces.

  • Mike Leth

    Private Pilot License & aircraft owner

    Some students that come to Merit Aviation are a bit hesitant as to whether they can master the theory as well as the flying. Mike was one of these students. But after a tentative start Mike proved that he had more than enough brain power, got his PPL and bought a C172. He continues to fly every week in between running his many caravan parks in the area. Not a bad way to keep an eye on them… from above!

  • Geoff McMahon

    Recreational Pilot Certificate & aircraft owner

    Upon retirement Geoff decided that he wanted to tick something off of his bucket list and learn to fly. He started in Narrandera NSW, so when he relocated to the South Coast NSW area, Merit Aviation picked up where his training had left off. He had bought a 2-stroke Rans S6 Coyote and so he completed his Recreational Pilot Certificate in that with us.