Try a flight

Want to become a pilot but not sure you'll love it as much as you think you will. Well... give it a try and find out with a Trial Introductory Flight. It’s also the first flight you can log as a pilot in your pilot logbook if you continue on with flight training!

Starter program

OK. So you've tried a flight and now you want to keep flying but you're not sure where you want to take your flying yet. With our starter program we'll take you through the building blocks of flight to move you towards going solo and getting a license.

Get your license

You want to fly on your own or with passengers – great! Let’s get busy getting you a license so you can become the pilot in command you want to be, whether that’s flying across Australia or just joy flying around your local airport.

What license do I need?


Recreational Pilot License

With just a driver's license medical and a membership with Recreational Aviation Australia, learn to fly and travel all over Australia.

  • Min 20 hours of flight training
  • Driver’s license medical
  • 5 theory exams
  • Additional ratings available for navigation and passenger carriage

Private Pilot License

Build on your RPL and go for your PPL. Learn to navigate your aircraft from A to B via Z. And once you pass your exam and flight test you’ll be licensed to carry up to 5 passengers anywhere in Australia.

  • Min of 15 extra hours of flight training
  • Navigation and controlled airspace training
  • PPL theory exam

Commercial Pilot License

If a career flying aircraft is your goal, then progressing to a CPL is the way to go. There are so many opportunities available in charter, spotting, survey, photography and public transport – that it will be hard for you to decide which one you like!

  • Min 200 flying hours
  • CSU and retractable undercarriage training
  • Build hours and experience as the pilot in command
  • Pass all seven CPL theory exams

Merit Aviation is located at Moruya Airport, on the NSW South Coast

From Canberra

Head east to the coast and away from controlled airspace, where you can learn in a more relaxed environment. Moruya Airport is just 2 and a half hours from Canberra. Commute for the day or stay for a week!

From Sydney

Head south and you’ll find the skies have a lot less traffic and therefore a lot less stress. We are 4 and a half hours from Sydney so you should plan to visit us to do your training in chunks. An awesome way to focus on your flying.

From Bega

We have lots of students from Bega with it being just 2 hours drive away. Flying in Moruya is the best way for land lubbers to enjoy the coast. You’ll have a totally new appreciation of beaches along the NSW south coast.

Our fleet

Seneca 2 – 200T
Seneca fleet
  • Dual Rate $697/hour
  • Private Hire $583/hour
  • 2 turbo-engines & all leather interior makes this a lovely aircraft for taking the family places. Train & hire with us!

    6 seater
  • Dual Rate $329/hour
  • Private Hire $249/hour
  • A great next step aircraft when you want to add a navigational endorsement. And has 2 door entry.

    4 seater
Foxbat A22
  • Dual Rate $239/hour
  • Private Hire $189/hour
  • We have 2 Foxbats and their great forward and side visibility make them a pleasure to fly over beautiful Moruya.

    2 seater
Cessna 150
  • Dual Rate $259/hour
  • Private Hire $209/hour
  • Our C150 is a wonderful and forgiving training aircraft, with easy to learn cockpit layout – a great starter trainer.

    2 seater
Cessna 172
  • Dual Rate $349/hour
  • Private Hire $309/hour
  • A bigger aircraft that’s perfect to take flying cross country. A good next step from your initial flight training aircraft.

    4 seater
  • Dual Rate $315/hour
  • Private Hire $265/hour
  • Master taxiing, flying and landing a tailwheel aircraft. This aircraft is a great trainer for learning to dance those feet.

    2 seater

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